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Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science. E.T. Bell, American mathematician,1951


An Application of Dynamic Systems in Economics. Costas Leon and Christina Beneki. Presentation in the 19th Conference of Mathematics, organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society, 8-10 November 2002 at the Democritus University, Greece. The paper is published in the proceedings of the Conference.

Modelling Interest Rate Transmission Dynamics in Greece: Is there any Structural Break After EMU? Presented in the 3rd International Conference of the National Bulgarian Bank in Econometric Modelling and Forecasting, 16 & 17 May 2005, in Varna, Bulgaria.

Interactions Βetween Options and Stocks within a VAR Framework: Evidence from Greece. Costas Leon and George Filis. Published in Lecture Series on Computer and Computational Sciences, Vol. 4B. Advances in Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, 2005. Selected Articles. Eds: Th. Simos and G. Maroulis, Brill Academic Publishers. This paper had been presented in the 2nd International Symposium of the Advances of Financial Forecasting, in Loutraki, 21-26 October, 2005, Greece.

The Transmission Mechanism of the Cyclical Components of the Greek Output, Investments and Stock Exchange. Costas Leon and George Filis. Presented in the 1st International Conference on Accounting and Finance, 31/8-1/9 2006, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Cyclical Movements of Tourist Income and GDP and their Transmission Mechanism. Evidence from Greece. Costas Leon, George Filis and Bruno Eeckels. 24th International EUROCHRIE Conference, University of Aegean, Thessaloniki, 26-28 October 2006.

Time-Varying Dynamics in the Greek Stock Market Integration with the EMU Stock Markets. Costas Leon and George Filis. 7th International Conference on Applied Mathematics in Economics and Business (MCBE06), Cavtat, Croatia, 13-15 June 2006.

Econometrics Trends and Tourism Research: Evidence from two Leading Journals. Costas Leon, Bruno Eeckels and George Filis. Abstract accepted for the 25th Eurochrie Conference, Leeds, UK, May 2007.

The Taylor Rule. Can it be Supported by the Data? Costas Leon. 1st International Workshop in Economics and Finance, University of Peloponnesus, Greece, June 2007.

Econometric Analysis of TV Advertising Prices and TV Ratings. Costas Leon, George Filis and Bruno Eeckels. 1st Biannual International Conference “Strategic Developments in Services Marketing, 27 – 29 September, 2007 Chios Island, Greece. Jointly organized by the University of the Aegean and the University of Glasgow.

Aspects of Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Measuring the Interest Rate Mechanism in Greece. Dionysios Chionis and Costas Leon. Submitted in the Royal Economic Society Conference 2008, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom, 17-19 March 2008.

Synchronization of the Polish and the European Business Cycles. Dionysios Chionis and Costas Leon. 65th International Atlantic Economic Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 9 – 13 April 2008.

Business Cycle Synchronization between Bulgaria and the European Union: Evidence from Cross Spectral and VAR Analysis. Costas Leon, George Filis and Bruno Eeckels. 5th International Conference on Applied Financial Economics, The University of the Aegean, Samos Island, Greece, 3-5 July, 2008.

A Dynamic Correlation Approach of the Swiss Tourism Income. Costas Leon and Bruno Eeckels. International Conference Advances in Tourism Economics 2009, APIDT – Portuguese Association for Tourism Research and Development, Lisbon, 23-24 April, 2009.

Signal Extraction and Forecasting of the UK Tourism Income Time Series. A Singular Spectrum Approach. Christina Beneki, Bruno Eeckels, Costas Leon. Presented in the 1st Workshop in Tourism Economics, Bolzano University, Brunico, Italy, 28-29 September 2009.

Singular Spectrum Analysis as a Filtering Mechanism for the European Industrial Production Index. Christina Beneki, Bruno Eeckels and Costas Leon, Conference at Clute Institute, Dublin, Ireland, 7-10 June 2010, received the Best Session Paper Award.

Singular Spectrum and Cross-Spectral Analysis of the USA GDP and Unemployment Time Series. Christina Beneki and Costas Leon. UK-China Workshop on SSA. 20-22 September 2010. School of Mathematics, Cardiff, UK.

The Decomposition of the USA GDP via a Multi-Stage Singular Spectrum Analysis. Christina Beneki, Hossein Hassani and Costas Leon. 31st Annual International Symposium on Forecasting organized by The International Institute of Forecasters. SSA Workshop, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic, 26-29 June 2011.

Synchronization Between Euro Area and Switzerland Based on Singular Spectrum. Nikolaos Georgikopoulos and Costas Leon. 72nd International Atlantic Economic Association Conference, Washington, D.C. USA, 20-23 October 2011.

Decomposition of the European GDP based on Singular Spectrum Analysis. Costas Leon. Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics. University of Zurich, April 12-13, 2012.

Evaluation of Singular Spectrum Analysis Based Seasonal Adjustment Procedure. Christina Beneki and Costas Leon. The 2012 International Conference on the Singular Spectrum Analysis and its Applications, Beijing, China, 17-20 May 2012.

The Singular Spectrum Analysis as a New Time Series Method in Tourism and Hospitality Research. Costas Leon. 2nd Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference, Corfu, Greece, 31 May - 3 June 2012. Member of Scientific Committees and Keynote Speaker.

Singular Spectrum Analysis and Maximum Entropy Estimator for the Determination of Economic Fluctuations and Their Synchronization. Costas Leon, keynote speaker. 1st International Symposium On Business, Economics & Financial Applications (ISBEFA 2012), 1-2 June 2012, Kefalonia, Greece.

The Singular Spectrum Analysis as a Decomposition Tool of Tourism Time Series. Costas Leon. Eurochrie 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland, 25 - 27 October 2012.

The Relation between Absences and Grades: A Statistical Analysis. Costas Leon. 2nd SEG International Research Conference, Brig, Switzerland, 16 May 2016.