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Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science. E.T. Bell, American mathematician,1951


A selection of the courses that I have taught in the New York College (NY, Greece), Democritus University (DU, Department of Economic Sciences, Greece), Swiss Education Group (SEG), BHMS and IMI (Switzerland) is the following:

Statistics (NY, DU, SEG)

Probability and Mathematical Statistics (NY)

Econometrics 1: introductory theoretical econometrics (NY)

Econometrics 2: time series) (NY)

Econometrics 3: applied time series econometrics (NY)

Mathematics 1 and 2 (NY, SEG)

Quantitative Macroeconomics (NY)

Monetary Theory and Policy (DU)

Industrial Economics (DU)

Greek Economy (DU)

Microeconomics (SEG)

Macroeconomics (NY, SEG)

Economics and Public Policy (SEG)

Managerial Economics (BHMS)

Introduction to Economics (IMI)